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Compagnie Gaspard Buma
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Gaspard Buma


New website

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Gaspard Buma is a Swiss artist established in Lausanne and active for more then 10 years in the field of live arts as performer, director and composer. His work has been institutionally rewarded (prix de l’état du Valais 2001, swiss art awards 2005) and appreciated from the public. He has presented performances in Serbia, Bolivia, Germany, Chile and many theaters (Arsenic, l’Echandole, Gessnerallee, théâtre de l’Usine) and galeries in Switzerland.

Alongside his artistic activity and to nourish the latter, he creates open source software. In particular, he has created the multimedia software lubyk for which he has received funding from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture twice. Artist convinced by the necessity of bridging the gab between science and art (for creating new expressive means and to reflect on the role of new technologies), he is setting up an institute in charge of managing and disseminating lubyk with partners such EPFL-ECAL-lab, theater Arsenic or Manufacture.

Cie Gaspard Buma

When Gaspard Buma creates theatrical projects, he ceases to be the “solo performer” to conceive a show and lead a team: the Cie Gaspard Buma.

Please consult to the list of shows created by Cie Gaspard Buma.

“Boats to nowhere” is actually in elaboration and production. This show will premiere in Lausanne in fall 2012.

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